About us

About CollegeVentures.com

CollegeVentures is a college technology development, integration and management division of Global Ventures.

CollegeVentures is focused on developing, integrating and leveraging university technology projects within strategic operating platforms, I.e. MediaMail.com.

Individuals from around the world are coming to CollegeVentures.com to assimilate and contribute their strengths and abilities toward an Internet development team with similar interests, complementary technologies and similar goals. The individuals of the team possess complementary proficiencies and are responsible for the development, management and maintenance of the selected technology project.

At CollegeVentures.com, we have the following goals:

  • To effectively develop synergistic educational partnerships that provides students and educators hands-on experiences in an entrepreneurial cutting edge technological environment.
  • To position CollegeVentures to be the worlds largest student and college technology incubator, accelerator and community for the new Digital Economy.

About Global Ventures

Global Ventures, founded in 1996, is a global web communications firm developing, operating, and linking global web-based domain names (platforms) into individual, industry-specific, highly focused businesses.

Unique from other web communications and development companies, Global Ventures maximizes a unique business model, targeted industry strategy, internal company infrastructure, management expertise and external partner relationships to quickly and efficiently develop e-businesses from an already-existent portfolio of strategically-positioned domain names.

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Global Ventures is privately backed by seasoned Internet executives and strategic partners from the Internet industry and venture community. It has recruited some of the leading technologists, educators and executives in the Internet community to its world-class team.