College Ventures is currently finalizing development projects with reputable colleges in the United States. The current developed projects listed below were created by students for students. As we continue to expand the current list of projects, we invite your opinions and suggestions. Below is a list of student developed projects.

Holdings company of and other related assets. Focusing on the M and A market by creating new product and service brands around technology, information flow and operating models. Its flagship products include MergerChallenge and MergerRep,

College Ventures, Inc

Finds, develops, integrates and manages technology based business opportunities with the student and faculty at Universities both physical and online programs. Its debut of Internet CEO, the leading online education course around 21 century business owners., CollegeVentures, to name a few assets.

Challenge Ventures, Inc.

Is a gamification system using the competitive nature of people. Easy and effective distribution to related partners and valued added data for sponsor and partners. CollegeVentures,,,,,

Global Ventures

Offers the Virtual Business Incubator System and model to entrepreneurs/incubator organizations. Streamline the start-up process, increase success ratio of value creation, gain network effects. The base concept is to create and earn value in a distributed network of ownership and talent, centralized web and business management Systems while creating great Network Synergies and Effects.

Talent Holdings, Inc

Is a Global Ventures entertainment and HR strategy that compliments the other assets with our portfolio companies. Great companies are built with great people and Talent Holdings is quickly growing and establishing channels and feed streams into various partners.

Referral Ventures, LLC

A leading platform for commerce creation, centered around personal contacts- Contacts into Commerce. Online or through twitter, text or phone, offers a scalable and robust system with viral commerce effects on partners., and follow us on Twitter