Our goal is to work side by side with universities and institutions in order to provide them with world-class entrepreneurship programs which facilitate the success of students working in real business environments.

Why should we partner with College Ventures?

We offer an entrepreneurship program that can help set your institution apart from other colleges and provide students a hands-on experience about how to create a successful business.

In the last years, an increasing number of young people have successfully started their own business without a formal college education. A growing number of students and parents feel that colleges are growing far apart from the real world, therefore they are starting to consider most education institutions obsolete.

By granting access to our model, we fulfill your need to provide your students with a rounder perspective about the Internet business environment and an easier way to integrate and contribute in today’s fast paced global market.

The students’ education will be complemented by opportunities to increase their knowledge, expand their resumes, and ultimately increase their own earning potential. These projects will spur the imagination, invite exciting levels of involvement, intellectual growth and involve students and educators in a way that is not possible in a classroom.

With our proven, step by step process, students will develop projects from Idea Generation to Post-Implementation Strategies. Students will participate in physical and virtual meetings for brainstorming, analysis, planning, design and implementation. Students will work within a team environment under the supervision of a university faculty advisor and a College Ventures project development manager.
Once we receive your information, one of our team members will contact you. There is absolutely no obligation when filling out the form, it is for informational exchange purposes only. We will get back with you within 7 business days.